#73 Starwars

I want to be rich enough that when complimented on my Star Wars t-shirt I can give it to them revealing the exact same t-shirt underneath.

Snapshot_099 copy copy

Hair: Moon. Hair // – BUY ALL – The Caterpillar +LUXE BOX+ December

Glasses: ISON – pegley glasses (all colors)

Chocker: `M.BIRDIE / I Luv Julie! . D choker2

Top: ..S..: Native Jersey / Black

Skirt: ISON – lace-up mesh skirt (white)

Bag: =Zenith= – Leather Fringe Backpack / (Begie)

Shoes: [BREATHE] – Lena Heels-Black

Background: Pseudo– Gym Entrance Scene in Epiphany (NEW)

“I sent flowers, but you said you didn’t receive ‘em

But you said you didn’t need them”


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